Easter’s Security Solutions Automatic Doors Division Installs, Repairs, Services, and provides Maintenance Programs on all brands of Automatic Doors, Sliding Doors, Commercial Doors, Swinging Doors, Revolving Doors, Any type of Automatic Entrance.

As an independently owned company, Easter’s can choose the highest quality products right for your application from the world’s leading automatic door manufacturers. Thus, only choosing the products and accessories ideally suited for your buildings entrance. Whereas our competitors only have one product to offer as they are owned by the manufacturers of the product they’re trying to sell you. From Easter’s you can expect nothing but the best, every time.

Easter’s has a strong reputation for supplying only the highest quality automatic entrance solutions at competitive rates and pride ourselves on offering a professional and efficient installation to meet your needs.

At Easter’s Automatic Door Division, we have extensive experience in designing and installing automatic doors for a wide range of establishments such as: Retail, Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Education K-12, Colleges , Transportation, Private Business, Shopping/Retail, Sports/Entertainment, Grocery, Hotels, Museums, Stadiums, All Building Types.

No matter what sector you work in: public, private, education, etc. there’s many reasons you should consider automatic doors. First, the Disability Discrimination Act requires that all buildings that are open to the public take measures to improve accessibility to all visitors. Automatic doors make it easier for visitors with disability issues to enter the building. Second, automated entrances are becoming and will someday be a standard feature which will create a professional and established impression in your visitor’s mind.

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Authorized Distributor

We are an Authorized Distributor & Installer of these major automatic door manufacturers. We also service and maintain other brands.