New Product: Lockmaster’s LKM10K Panic Device

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January 18, 2018
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January 18, 2018
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 New Product: Lockmaster’s LKM10K Panic Device

The Next Generation of the LKM7000 Lock Series.

Where life-safety meets high-security.

The New LockOne LKM10K is the next generation of Lockmaster’s LKM7000 Lock Series. Designed to meet FF-L-2890B, the LKM10K offers improvements to the existing LKM7000 Series that has been in the field for over fifteen years.

Safety Features:

  • Panic Device – For unlock a door during emergency conditions
  •  Single Motion Egress Handle – One simple push/pull for exit
  • Key Override Options – Particularly important during the event of a power failure
  • UL Fire Rating – When installed with the X-10, it has a 90-minute UL listing
  • Illuminated Labels – For easy visibility in no/low light situations

Security Features:

  • Dead bolt – The FF-L-2890B Specification requires a locking device equipped with deadbolt and trigger mechanism that operates when the combination lock is in the locked position. The dead bolt automatically extends into the locked position when the trigger mechanism engages the roller strike.
  • Encapsulated Strike – The LKM10K Lock Series comes with a strike that surrounds the dead bolt for reinforced security. The stainless steel strike now includes a roller bearing on the leading edge of the strike to allow for easier dead bolt extension and retraction. Four strike types are available.
  • High Security Combination Lock Compatibility – Designed to work with any standard footprint combination lock meeting Federal Spec FF-L-2740B.
  • Access Control Device Compatibility – The LKM10K is an electrified lock and is compatible with a variety of electronic access control devices (12v or 24v DC – 1 amp), The series can be installed on doors with or without an electronic power transfer from the frame to the door.
  • Tiered Levels of Security – When both the combination lock and access control devices are installed with the LKM10K, lock tiers are created. First tier being FF-L-2740B combination lock, Second tier being access control device or key override.
  • Deadbolt & Combination Lock Monitoring & Request to Exit – Standard in all LKM10K’s, but use is optional. When connected, you have the ability to monitor the bolt position on both the LKM10K and the combination lock. REX can be used to monitor bolt position or shunt the door alarm.
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