Kaba Mas X-09 End-Of-Life Notice

sargent and greenleaf 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock
Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock
October 11, 2016
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KABA MAS responded to the June 2011 update to Federal Specification FF-L-2740 (now revision B) with the development and the April 2013 approval of the X-10. Kaba Mas has provided parts and service for both the X-09 and the X-10 since that approval.
With concurrence from the GSA and the Inter-agency Committee on Security Equipment (IACSE), Kaba Mas is now moving forward with an “end-of-life” process for the X-09. Effective 1 October 2015, X-09 parts and repair service will no longer be available. GSA / IACSE’s involvement in this decision was based on transitioning to a lock which complies with updated federal requirements.
“Kaba Mas is committed to provide superior products, and long-term support,” says Eric Elkins, senior manager, business development – government products. “However, in this case, at the request of the government, we will discontinue replacement parts and repair support for the X-09. The intent is to replace locks, when needed, with locks that provide the highest level of resistance to today’s evolving threats.”

What This Means for You…

Easter’s Government Security Division will supply, sell, install, and repair the Kaba Mas X-10. We encourage our Government customers to upgrade any existing Kaba Mas X-09 locks to the X-10 in order to maintain the highest level of security as determined by Government Standards.
In addition to the X-10, Easter’s Government Security Division also specializes in:
  • Sale, repair, installation, and soundproofing of SCIF Doors
  • Sale, service, opening, repair, and re-certification of GSA Containers, Vaults, and Cabinets
  • Sale, repair, and installation of door and locking hardware for the following:
    • Kaba Mas X-10 & CDX-10
    • Lockmaster’s LKM7000 Series
    • Sargent & Greenleaf 2740 Series
Easter’s Government Security Division can also provide your military, federal, or civilian agency/ base/ facility a 1-hour Emergency response time if need be! Our technicians are factory trained and certified and hold Top-Secret clearances.
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