Automatic Door Preventive Maintenance

Automatic Door Inspection & Preventive Maintenance Program

If you have automatic doors installed at your building or facility, it is important that you plan their maintenance carefully to prevent what can become a potentially dangerous hazard and a possible liability to the building owner. Your automatic doors should be inspected on a regular basis (annually, semi-annually, quarterly). What you have inspected and how often depends on the use your door receives which will reduce your cost of ownership. Easter’s Automatic Door Technicians are all AAADM Certified.

Automatic Door Preventive Maintenance Program Includes:

Safety & Sensor Range Check

Emergency Break Out Pressure Check

Opening & Closing Speed Check

Motor & Gearbox Operation Check

Sliders & Rollers Lubricated

Hold Open Time Reverse Function Check

AAADM Safety Inspection

Tightness of Belts & Bolts Check

Weather Stripping & Door Condition Check

Proper Card Access Control Integration Check

Contact Person

Door Maintenance Frequency